I was born at a very early age in Letchworth, Herts. My parents moved down to Horley in Surrey when I was 2 years old. Reluctantly they took me with them along with my sister, Julia and my brother, Matthieu.

My real interest in music began when I was about 12, having been put off piano lessons from the age of 6. My father had a guitar but it had seen no action, just hanging there on the lounge wall for years gathering dust. One day during the summer holidays I took it down, bought a book of chord windows, sat on my bed and strummed an E major. It sounded terrible. Then I realised that because I am left-handed, the strings were in the wrong place. I changed them round and strummed again. Frankly, it didn't sound much better.

Anyway I persevered, and many years later I have my own small studio at home where I do most of my recording. Songs, themes, orchestral pieces, jingles etc. I have also composed and produced for commercial video, documentary, ballet and specific audition pieces for choreography.  I play guitar OK, keyboards badly. The studio is based around Apple G5 running Logic Pro.

I try and write songs that are interesting melodically as well as lyrically. A variety of subject matters. They're not all about me, honest.

About Moi